About Us


We believe the experience of outdoor adventure builds a strong sense of self-worthin young teens.  We get teens into nature, away from the distractions and pressures of daily life, engage them in exciting and challenging adventures. We believe nature is the perfect environment for kids to find clarity, purpose and direction.


* Build character* Cultivate self esteem * Improve academic performance* Develop positive attitudes* Inspire self motivation* Make positive choices when faced with critical challenges* Improve interpersonal relations among peers* Make positive health decisions* Honor and serve community.



NATIONAL* Over 3 million referrals of CHILD ABUSE  &  NEGLECT are received by state and local agencies each year – 6 referrals every minute. 

* Over 1.2 million students per year drop out of school in the United States.

* 30% of teenagers in the US have been involved in bullying. Either as a bully or a victim.

* Juvenile detention facilities are overcrowded. Average US cost $240 per day per youth. Annual expense $5.7 billion per year.


* 100% of our kids now have a mentor      *Daily average attendance improved from 64% to 92%. 

* A reduction in discipline incidents of a combined 80% from 2013 to 2014. * Improved to 0% incidents with law enforcement.* Increased involvement in community organization.  

(1)Center for Disease control & prevention (2)Office of Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention